Find The Ideal Pocket Door Kit For Your Property

In the late Victorian age, when they first became popular, pocket doors often went wrong. Either they’d go off the track or the mechanism wouldn’t operate properly.

Thanks to the latest technology, however, they’re much more reliable, making them a fantastic choice for modern properties. Nowadays, they’re also easier to install in the first place. Slick, sophisticated and modern, a pocket door is ideal for opening up a space.

The benefits of choosing pocket doors for your property.

A pocket door gives you a clear opening, enabling seamless movements from room to room. It also brings effortless style to your space, especially if it’s a smaller room.

Rocket Doors Frames has pocket door kits that provide everything you need to fit this type of feature. We have both singles and doubles available for competitive prices. Among our latest range is these 70mm Pocket Door Kit which is only £129.95 and suitable for doors measuring 35-44mm thick. The kit includes all the galvanized steel uprights and horizontals required for a pocket door.

Since our door kits come with a lifetime warranty, it’s easy to make a purchase without the risk.

If you’re not sure which size is right for you, our studwork page can help.

Check out our range of pocket door kits or simply contact us for more information.