Benefits To Choosing Double Pocket Doors For Your Home

Pocket doors are a wonderful feature to introduce to your home in the new year. If you’re keen to install this style of door, Rocket Door Frames has a wide selection of kits to choose from. That includes double pocket doors that are ideal for living rooms, French doors and much more. Sliding into either side of your wall, they’re wonderful for opening up a communal space.

There are many advantages to choosing pocket doors for your property, including:

  • The fact that they maximise your space. Choose double pocket doors and it’s easier than ever to have a bigger opening to a room. You won’t have to worry about doors getting in the way when they’re open. Pocket doors are particularly great for small bathrooms. 
  • They make an irresistible design statement. 
  • Pocket doors help you to create a space that feels safe and private.

Our product range includes this 70mm Pocket Door Kit which is only £129.95 and suitable for doors which are 35-44mm thick. The kit has everything you need, including runners with carbon steel 'sealed for life' bearings and a spring steel door brake (a soft close option is also available).

We also provide all the information needed to install the pocket door yourself. Since this kit comes with a lifetime warranty, you can have complete peace of mind.

Check out our latest double pocket door kits or contact our friendly team today.