Why Get Sliding Pocket Doors For Your Property?

A pocket door makes a room look neater, more seamless and generally aesthetically pleasing. This feature is a valuable addition to many rooms, particularly home offices, bathrooms and living rooms. They’re also increasingly popular for en-suite bedrooms and pantries.

Pocket doors are excellent space savings, freeing up more room for other features. 

That makes them especially useful in smaller rooms where you have less clearance for the door to swing open. That means no more worry about jamming feet under the door, if that’s a common issue in your home!

It can also provide more privacy and security if you have a room where you don’t want pets or kids, for instance, easily entering.

Since we have over 30 years of experience in this industry, Rocket Door Frames is the ideal supplier if you’re looking to order pocket door kits.

We have sliding pocket door kits for entrances of various sizes. That includes independently tested fire resistant doors which are made using high density slow burning oak hardwood jamb/door liner and intumescents seals.

Rocket Door Frames is appearing at the Homebuilding and Renovating Show in Birmingham in March 2023, so why not come and meet us?

Discover more about our sliding pocket doors or contact our team for more information.