What Hardware Do I Need For A Pocket Door?

Have you decided to add pocket doors to your home, but aren’t sure how to get started?

Rocket Door Frames has full kits that supply everything needed for a smooth installation. 

The hardware needed for pocket doors include the structural framework, which is installed within the wall that accommodates the door panels when slid open. These usually consist of metal or wood components designed to support the weight of the door.

You will also need the track system. This guides the door panels as they slide in and out the pocket. The track is usually mounted above the doorway opening and might have rollers or glides to ensure the smoothest movements possible. 

The doors themselves and the accessories.

Then there’s the actual doors, which can be made of wood, glass or composite materials. Our range includes an RDF pocket door kit that has been independently tested and approved for 30 minutes fire rating.

You also require the door hardware, like handles locks or any other components necessary for opening and closing. For instance, if you don’t have built in handles, you might need separate door pulls. 

A door stop also helps to prevent the doors from swinging out too far. Door jambs and casing frame the pocket door and give the final finished look. You also require screws and fasteners to secure all components. 

Depending on the specific requirements and preferences, additional accessories such as soft-close mechanisms or automatic door openers may be installed.

If you need help finding the right hardware, Rocket Door Frames is always happy to help. 

Along with our pocket door kits, we also sell individual components. It's also advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines and consult with professionals if needed to ensure proper installation and functionality.