We Can Make The Installation Of Hidden Doors Easier

Doors can be an important part of interior design, not merely a functional installation. They come in all sorts of materials, finishes and styles, including ‘hidden doors’ which blend seamlessly with your wall. 

Increasing numbers of homeowners, architects and interior designers are introducing hidden doors to their property. 

Secret doors aren’t just fictional devices that appear in mysterious mansions in detective stories. As you’ll see from their pictures, they can be a wonderful interior design feature. They can also be great if you want a more discreet exit, whether to a private room or simply for fun. 

Hidden doors can be custom-designed to add unique and personalised elements to an interior, showcasing your creativity. 

Our ultra-flush ‘secret’ doors offer quality, strength and reliability. 

We have a range of hidden door kits to choose from, including those which are fire resistant. 

We also have pocket doors which are ideal for smaller spaces or open floor plans. Theser doors can be used to save space compared to traditional swinging doors. They’re a strategic design choice, especially in tight quarters.

Rocket Door Frames is appearing at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in London this September, so why not pay us a visit? Based in Grantham, our pocket door and secret door kits can be delivered anywhere in the UK. 

Find out more about our hidden/secret door kits or contact our team for more information.