Ways to Use Secret Doors with no Jambs or Architraves

Looking to introduce a new look to your home this autumn?

Hidden doors are often associated with murder mysteries, palatial mansions with sliding bookcases, and secret passages in fantasy novels. However, nowadays they’re also an increasingly popular interior design feature. 

They go by various different names: flush doors, flush-to-wall doors, hidden doors, invisible doors, and concealed doors. Whatever you like to call them, they’re one of the best ways to inject some fun into your space. 

Secret doors can be used in all kinds of creative ways, including:

  • Adding an element of surprise and intrigue to your home or office.
  • Making an important room in your property more private, whether it’s a home office or somewhere where valuable items are stored. 
  • Camouflaging a room or closet with a decorated door, or one that’s disguised as a bookshelf. You can decorate these doors so they blend in seamlessly with the wall, ensuring you have a smooth, uninterrupted look. 
  • Installing a full length mirror on your door is a great way to reveal a hidden space.
  • Incorporating in your interior design scheme. Hidden doors are wonderful for children’s rooms as you will see from our gallery. Popular themes for this type of doors include pirate or medieval themed rooms. 
  • Secret passageways don’t just have to exist in fiction. If you’re lucky enough to have this type of property, our hidden door kits can help you introduce this type of feature.

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