The Beauty Of Having Concealed Door Frames

Looking for new and exciting interior design ideas?

There’s been many great trends in the world of interior design in 2022: green is one of the most popular colours, while warm neutrals continue to be prevalent; people are enjoying a mixture of vintage and new furniture; locally and sustainably sourced furnishings are in fashion. 

Another trend that’s increasingly popular is concealed door frames. So, why introduce this feature to your room in the coming year?

Secret hidden doors open up all sorts of possibilities for your home. They enable you to wave goodbye to door jambs and architraves, providing you with a flush, concealed door. Your wall shall therefore have a seamless pattern or finish, making it look instantly modern, not broken up. 

Rocket Door Frames make it straightforward to introduce concealed door frames.

Our products include this Ultra Flush Hinged Door which can be installed in four ways. It can be opened from the left or right, or with a pushing or pulling system. Your frame will arrive primed and protected against oxidisation.

Along with secret hidden doors, we also offer pocket door systems which mean the door slides inside the wall. Although these have been sought-after for decades, it’s only now the technology makes them a pleasure to use. We make it easy to install stable, reliable and strong pocket door systems that don't cost the earth.

If you’re considering getting concealed door frames, explore our latest range of kits today.