Step Into Our Online Pocket Door Shop This Season

Pocket doors are far from a new feature- they’ve been around in varying designs for over 2,000 years- but what has changed is the technology that’s available. Back in the Victorian age, the doors unfortunately often jumped off the tracks and therefore didn’t last long, which is why they went out of use. 

Thanks to new developments in production technology,  steel pocket door frames have become much more accessible in terms of price. It’s now easier than ever to install a durable, reliable and attractive pocket door system, even if you’re on a slightly tighter budget. 

Architects increasingly love this style of door and find it’s an easy way to modernise a space. 

If you’re looking to introduce a stylish and useful feature to your home this spring, you might want to explore our pocket door kits. 

Unlike traditional doors that open outwards, pocket doors slide back when opened into a cavity called the pocket, inside the wall. They’re therefore brilliant for rooms like bathrooms which have limited space.

Rocket Door Frames is appearing at the Homebuilding & Renovating Show in Birmingham this March, so why come and say hello?

Along with pocket doors, we also have hidden doors which blend in smoothly into your wall and are a fantastic interior design feature. 

Or explore the latest products at our pocket door shop today.