Single And Double Pocket Doors That Are Easy To Install

Want to give your property a new look in 2024?

This year, Lucy Williams’ home in West London went viral when it featured in House & Garden magazine. In particular, people noticed that her sitting room had striking pocket doors, which have since been a big source of inspiration for many people. 

Pocket doors have become much-coveted by interior design enthusiasts and are being installed in renovation projects all over social media.

How do these types of doors work?

Pocket doors are basically sliding doors that glide into the wall. When fully they are hidden and you cannot see them as they disappear into the wall cavity. Double pocket doors are ideal if you have a wider entrance. 

A pocket door kit involves rails and brackets being installed, allowing doors to slide smoothly when opening and closing.

First introduced in the Victorian era, pocket doors fluctuated in popularity over the course of the 20th century. However, they’ve become especially popular over the past few years. 

Introduce a feature that is bang on-trend

One big reason for the growing popularity of pocket doors is that the technology has improved, meaning they move much more seamlessly than in the past. They’re also much easier to install, especially when you have easy-to-use kits. 

Whether you’re looking for single or double doors, Rocket Door Frames has a wide range of kits to choose from.

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