Save Space With Our Quality Pocket Door Systems

The latest engineering techniques have made pocket doors better than ever. Long gone are the days when these doors get caught on their runners, or don’t close properly. Instead, you can enjoy a smooth, slick shutting method, with a soft close and impeccable sliding motion. 

Your doors will glide along a track and disappear seamlessly into a cavity wall, ensuring they’re conveniently out of the way. This will give you more places to put items like storage solutions and wastepaper baskets. 

Transform your bathroom with our pocket door systems. 

These space-saving doors are particularly popular for smaller bathrooms, where you don’t have a lot of ‘swing space’. 

Rocket Door Frames has a range of door kits and systems, including single, double and glass kits suitable for British homes. We also have fire-resistant door kits which have been independently tested with Warrington fire and approved to provide a 30 minutes fire rating.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, you can be assured all our steel pocket door frames are of the finest quality. 

We also have a great collection of hinged secret/hidden door frames which have no jambs or architraves. All our products are highly accessible in terms of price, making us ideal for homeowners, interior designers and architects on all budgets. 

Find out more about our pocket door systems or drop us a line for more details.