Satin Glass Pocket Doors In A Variety Of Sizes

When it comes to making a design statement, people often forget about their doors. That’s despite the fact they take up a great deal of wall space. 

However, choose pocket doors or secret hidden doors and they can transform a room. Instead of being a feature you have to work around, your door can make a statement instead. If you’ve decided to introduce pocket doors, Rocket Door Frames is happy to advise you on this type of entrance.

Why pocket doors are both stylish and practical.

Pocket doors are brilliant for creating more space in smaller rooms, including bathrooms. No longer will you have to worry about a tight spot. Because they slide into the room, rather than swinging outwards, you’ll have much more space to play with.

Choose glass pocket doors and it will also keep natural light coming into your room.

Rocket Door Frames make it easy to introduce pocket doors to your property.

Our collection includes frosted glass pocket doors which are ideal for stylish bathrooms. These will allow light to filter through, yet still provide privacy. Whether you need singles or doubles, our pocket door kits are easy to fit and come with UV welded glass handles.

All kits come with everything needed for the installation.

If you’re looking for glass pocket doors, explore our latest products today. Or contact our team for more details.