Pocket Door Kits For A Speedy And Easy Installation

There are so many great reasons to introduce pocket doors to your property, including their superb space-saving qualities. 

Because pocket doors slide into the wall cavity when opened, they save significant amounts of space in a room compared to a traditional swinging door that requires clearance space to swing open and closed.

Pocket doors are a fantastic design choice for modern or minimalist interiors. Once installed, you’ll enjoy a sleek and unobtrusive look without the visible hinges and handles of traditional doors.

Accessibility is another big benefit: pocket doors are often much easier to operate for people with mobility issues. That’s because they require much less physical effort to open and close than traditional doors.

Did you know, pocket doors can provide better soundproofing than traditional doors? That’s because they slide into the wall and create a tighter seal when closed.

Pocket doors are also a good choice for rooms that need to serve multiple purposes, such as a home office that doubles as a guest room. By installing a pocket door, you can easily open up or close off the space as needed.

At Rocket Door Frames, we have many pocket doors that are ideal for if you’re after design-savvy alternatives to traditional doors.

They’re all excellent for improving accessibility, soundproofing and flexibility. Designs include those which are fire-rated and ideal for rooms that are more at risk of this problem.

Check out our range of pocket door kits today.