Pocket Door Installations Are Made Easy With Our Kits

Are you someone who loves exploring the latest interior design trends?

In that case, our pocket and secret hidden doors present all sorts of ideas for your space.

Pocket doors are easier to install than ever and they offer a number of advantages for a room, including the fact they save space. Just like the doors themselves, the benefits they offer are often hidden, until you try them for yourself!

Creating a clear opening for your room, pocket doors make movement through your property much easier. They also add an irresistible architectural charm to any room. 

How do I choose the right pocket door kit for my home?

We have a wealth of technical information on our website to make finding the right kit for your space easier. If you’re not sure which sized pocket to choose, our studwork page will help you out.

Rocket Door Frames has both singles and doubles available, including those suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

Among our products are Pocket Satin Glass Doors which are perfect for modern bathrooms. Once closed, the frosted glass will ensure that plenty of light can filter through.

For more information on pocket door installations, simply contact our team today.