Our Quality Accessories For Sliding Pocket Doors

A sliding ‘pocket door’, when fully opened, vanishes into a compartment in the adjacent wall. This style is ideal for spaces where there’s no room for a hinged door to be swinging back and forth. Because they don’t take up room when open, sliding pocket doors will help to maximise your space.

They’re also brilliant for architectural effects and making a design statement.

Sliding pocket doors can travel on rollers suspended from an overhead track. Alternatively, there can be tracks or guides along the floor. Rocket Door Frames has both pocket doors and accessories available to order online.

Here at Rocket Door Frames we have a range of accessories for pocket doors, including round bathroom locks, soft closes, self-closing mechanisms and timber linings.

With over 30 years of experience in this industry, you can trust us to only supply the best quality solutions for your doors. Rocket Door Frames love supplying stylish door frames that enhance your home or business.

A forward-thinking company, you’ll find plenty of new ideas for door frames on our website. Since we use the latest production technology, all our products are as strong, reliable and cost-effective as possible.

We deliver door accessories to valued customers across the UK, along with Europe and the USA.

If you’re looking for quality accessories for sliding pocket doors, explore our latest collection today. Or don't hesitate to contact us for more information.