Order The Quality Hardware Needed For Pocket Doors

Renowned as a space-saving solution, pocket doors add a sophisticated and contemporary touch to your interior. 

There are many styles of pocket doors to choose from, including glass pocket doors that provide an open, airy feel. These doors allow light to flow through rooms and create a sense of continuity between spaces while still providing a level of separation.

Meanwhile, double pocket doors are brilliant for creating a wide entrance between different rooms. If you have a larger opening in your home, this is a good way to completely tuck away doors when not in use. 

Alternatively, if you want a seamless and minimalist look, secret ‘hidden’ doors are flush with the wall when open. Rocket Door Frames provides quality hardware for pocket doors or secret doors at competitive prices. 

It’s easy to introduce custom designs for pocket doors. 

One of the best places to start is to use interesting materials, or to add a painted mural to the door. Interior designers often use these types of doors to make a statement or add a personalised touch. 

Pocket doors can also come with soundproofing features, making them ideal for home offices, music rooms or media rooms. You can also buy fire-rated designs for extra peace of mind. 

With our pocket door hardware, you can also easily use them to create divisions in a large room. This is especially useful for spaces like dining rooms or home offices that may need privacy at times but an open layout at others.

You might also want to combine the functionality of a pocket door with additional features, like hidden shelving or storage compartments. This is a smart way to maximise space in smaller rooms.

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