Open Up Your Space With Glass Pocket Doors

Looking to introduce a fresh look in your home this autumn?

Introducing pocket doors is a fantastic way to save space. These types of sliding doors glide into a hidden compartment within the wall, instead of swinging like traditional hinged doors. Because they need less floor space, they’re excellent for opening up a small room or area with limited space. 

They’re also fantastic for giving your interior design a clean, open appearance. However, because fitting pocket doors can be more complex than traditional doors, you want to ensure you have proper framing and tracking. Fortunately, we can make the process much easier. 

Pocket doors suit all kinds of architectural styles.

Whether you have a modern or traditional property, these doors can be designed to suit the aesthetics of your room. For instance, they can come in a range of materials, including frosted glass or different panel styles and finishes. Glass pocket doors are ideal for those rooms which need more natural light.

They can also make a room more accessible for anyone with mobility issues, since the doors don’t need pushing open. 

Rocket Doors Frames offers high quality kits that help you install pocket doors so that they slide quietly and smoothly. We can also provide everything needed to maintain your new doors, therefore ensuring they function properly. 

Our kits include all the hardware needed for durable and efficient pocket doors. These doors can also be fitted with locking mechanisms if needed, or a flush pull or edge pull for a minimalist look. If needed, we can provide pocket door kits which are ideal for retrofitting.

Find out more about our glass pocket doors or contact our team for more information.