Make Your Space More Practical With Sliding Pocket Doors

Now we’ve entered a new year, you might be considering transforming your home and bringing it up to date. Perhaps you’ve looking for inventive, creative features to make your space more practical, attractive and a pleasure to use. 

With the rise of remote work, there's a greater demand for adaptable spaces that can serve multiple purposes. Rooms that can easily transform from a home office to a recreational area or a guest room are increasingly sought after.

Pocket doors are just one of the best ways to create this kind of space. They enable you to easily ‘open up’ a room with ease. They can also be decorated in a wide range of ways.

Doors which slide into the wall, known as pocket doors, are much more efficient, easier to install and attractive than in the past.

Rocket Door Frames supplies hidden door kits that provide everything needed to install this type of feature with ease. As you'll see from our pictures, our customers use our pocket and secret doors in all kinds of ways. 

Our pocket door shop provides an excellent choice of options.

Rocket Door Frames have many different thicknesses to match or closely match the various stud thicknesses that are on the market.

Studwork for pocket doors refers to the framework or structure within the wall where a pocket door slides into. It involves creating a space or "pocket" within the wall itself to accommodate the door when it's fully opened. 

This framework typically consists of vertical studs on each side of the door opening and a horizontal header at the top to support the weight of the wall and door. The dimensions and materials used for the studwork vary based on the specific requirements of the pocket door system being installed.

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