Introduce A Seamless Look With Concealed Door Frames

In fiction a door is often a portal to a magical place. From detective stories with doors concealed in bookcases, to the doors of the wardrobe in Narnia, they are more than just a separator of rooms.

With our concealed door frames, you can introduce a touch of magic to your interior design scheme. Concealed door frames mean that this part of your room is hidden and your space looks much more sophisticated and enticing. 

Although they won’t take you to a magic land, they can be used to create private spaces within larger rooms. Whether used for a library, study or meditation room, concealed entrances can offer privacy without compromising the overall design of the space.

Rocket Door Frames uses the latest technology to bring you genuinely concealed door frames. 

Invisible hinges and cold rolling techniques mean that door frames can now be completely visible once closed. These styles of doors enhance all kinds of spaces and mean that wall murals can continue uninterrupted. Alternatively, you might want to make the door stand out in a clever way. 

We’re passionate about bringing simplicity and style to your space. 

Concealed door frames are brilliant in not only homes but commercial settings. They’re often used in offices, hotels, and restaurants to create a sophisticated and polished look. They can even enhance the flow of foot traffic within the space by eliminating visible obstacles like door frames.

Along with concealed flush doors, we also have a wide range of pocket door kits, including fire-rated designs. 

Find out more about our high quality concealed door frames. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.