Improve Your Interior Design With Hidden Door Systems

Want to wave goodbye to conventional doors in your home?

There’s something magical about having a hidden door in your home. In days past, they were associated with hidden passageways and rooms. A door that seamlessly blended into the wall would often provide a discreet exit point!

However, in the past this type of feature was expensive and prone to malfunction easily. Consequently it was often associated with wealthy properties alone. Fortunately, today that’s changed a great deal.

Production technology has made hidden door systems much easier to install.

Nowadays, a hidden door system is great for improving your interior design. Instead of a bulky door frame breaking up the smooth wall, you can integrate the door as part of the design. It can either blend in with the wall or be made into a design statement itself.

Open the door to exciting interior design possibilities.

Rocket Door Frames has both pocket doors and hidden/secret doors available to order online. We can help you utilize invisible hinges and cold rolling techniques, with door frames that cannot be seen when the door is closed.

You’ll find all the information you need on secret doors on our website. Our experts go into detail on how they work and the benefits of this system.

If you’re interested in our hidden door systems, don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.