Improve Your Interior Design With Concealed Door Frames

Want to bring a contemporary twist to your doors?

You might want to consider concealed door frames, otherwise known as secret hidden door frames. This style of entrance means you don’t have jambs or architraves (the internal moulding installed around your door) and is a great way to create a refreshingly uncomplicated look.

This style of door is now possible due to the latest production technology, which also allows you to hide the hinge as well. Secret hidden door frames also open up a world of other design possibilities. Too often, interior designers are forced to work around a door, rather than use it as a stylish statement.

Although hidden door frames don't serve a practical purpose, they make a wonderful design statement.

People can use this type of design in all sorts of creative ways. For instance, if you have a child’s nursery, you can have uninterrupted artwork across the wall, with the door having a fun picture adorning it. In this way, the door serves the purpose of a canvas. You can see examples of this type of design on our website.

Based in Grantham, Rocket Door Frames regularly supply this type of door for clients throughout the local area. All our door frames are produced using the latest technology.

Find out more about the benefits of concealed door frames. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more details.