High Quality Pocket Door Accessories For Effective Installations

Rocket Door Frames provide everything needed to introduce pocket doors to your property. Whether you’re an interior designer, architect or homeowner, we have both single and double door kits available to order for competitive prices online. 

We also have a range of accessories for making repairs to existing installations. 

No matter if you have existing doors or are new to this interior design feature, we make the process straightforward and hassle-free. We have a whole section dedicated to accessories, which include:

  • Timber linings to give your installation the perfect finishing touch. Made from MDF, kits include those specifically designed for use with Rocket Pocket kits and will finish the pocket entrance, the door post and above the passage opening.
  • Self-closing mechanisms. For this type of accessory, it’s important to check what the weight of your door is. For instance, this soft close door is designed for doors from 35 kg to 50 kg
  • Soft closers for glass doors that are compatible with our glass door kits. You can find full installation instructions on our website.
  • Push-pull mechanisms. These are ideal for wooden doors and can easily be retrofitted if needed. It allows the door to sit flush in the pocket.
  • Flush pulls, including those suitable for bathrooms.

Check out our latest pocket door accessories or contact us today.