Hidden Hinge Doors Ideal For Contemporary Rooms

Concealed door frames bring an irresistible appeal to a room. Although they’re mostly a design feature, they instantly make any room look modern and intriguing, providing a smooth, flawless wall with little interruptions to the paintwork or pattern. 

Because they eliminate architraves, you’ll enjoy smooth lines of sight along the walls and across the door. In particular, a ‘flush door’ has a completely smooth surface and is made by sandwiching a material over a light timber frame.

Here at Rocket Door Frames, we have kits for both secret ‘hidden hinge’ doors and pocket doors which slide into the wall. 

Among our range is this Ultra Flush Hinged Kit which is a universal design which allows one aluminium frame to be installed four ways. Coming supplied with OSB spacers that keeps the frame perfectly plumb when installing, it also arrives primed and protected against oxidation.

This frame can be used with standard metal, timber stud walls or masonry. 

We also have this Ultra Flush Secret Hinged Door which is fire-resistant and can be opened from left or right, with a push or pull motion. It has a special edge profile that is specifically designed to grip the plaster allowing for a minimalist architrave free look.

Find out more about our secret hidden hinge doors. Or simply contact our team for more information on any of our products.