Hidden Hinge Doors For Stunning Interior Design

Want to wave goodbye to having door jambs or architraves?

A flushed concealed door is ideal for modern properties, providing a sleek, contemporary look. 

Hidden doors can be incorporated as part of your interior design, blending in with the finish of your wall. Alternatively, you might want a continuation of a pattern or a contrasting finish. Hidden hinged doors provide so many more options than ordinary doors!

Rocket Door Frames is a specialist door frame manufacturer with over three decades of experience. 

We have a range of secret hidden hinged door kits available. These provide you with a complete galvanised steel frame which is corrosion resistant and has perforated edges to ensure a professional finish. All kits are universal pull left or pull right.

It also comes with a jig template to keep the routing of the door simple. The strike plate adaptors are designed for use with a Roller Bolt, Tubolar Latch, Euro Profile Sashlock and Din Sashlock.

All our hidden door kits come with a full 12 year warranty against manufacturing and material defects. 

Whether you’re looking for single or double doors, you’ll find them among our collection. This includes our 30 Minute Fire Approved Single Flush Hinged Kit which has a perforated steel frame.

Rocket Doors Frames is also launching another flush hinged frame called the ‘Ultra Flush’ which includes the routed door, magnetic latch and hinges. We also have accessories like tumescent seals and wall extension kits.

If you’re interested in hidden doors, check out our latest product range. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team today.