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Our pocket door shop provides everything you need to introduce this style of door to your property. 

Pocket doors are ideal for all kinds of parts of your home where space is limited, from small rooms and closets to compact bathrooms. Because they don’t swing open, you’ll have more food space and enjoy a more open-feel to your room.

These doors have actually been used for centuries, dating back to at least the 17th century, although they first became popular in Victorian and Edwardian properties. Thanks to developments in technology, they’ve enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. 

How do pocket doors work?

They consist of a door panel that hangs from rollers attached to an overhead track. This is concealed within a metal or wooden frame inside the wall. Various hardware is involved including rollers, tracks and guides which are all included in our handy kits. 

Are they easy to take care of?

Although generally low maintenance, components can require some maintenance to guarantee a smooth operation. Dust, for instance, can build up in the pocket and affects the door’s operation. Periodic cleaning and lubrication are enough to do the trick. 

From wood and glass to fire-resistant materials, pocket doors can be made of a variety of materials. 

This allows for a wide range of design possibilities to match various interior styles. Here at our pocket door shop, we have a range of designs, including FD30 approved  fire resistant pocket door kits. 

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