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Want to maximise your space and make a design statement at the same time?

Thanks to better technology, pocket doors are more reliable than ever before. They’re also more simple to install than in the past, making them increasingly popular. These types of doors are hidden inside the wall, therefore freeing up more space.

Pocket doors are particularly brilliant for smaller bathrooms, ensuring you don’t have to worry about the door taking up extra space.

What do our pocket door kits come with?

Our pocket door kits include steel sections which are used to create the pocket and take the place of the wall.  They’re then covered by plasterboard on each side.  The track in the kit allows your door to be top hung, leaving the floor free of obstructions.

Kits come in six different sizes to suit the standard UK door panel sizes. We make it easy to buy kits for either a single door or two separate ones.

You’ll find a wealth of technical information on your website to make it easier to find the right pocket door kit. With over three decades of experience, you can choose Rocket Door Frames with confidence.

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