Enjoy Straightforward Hidden Door Installations With Our Kits

Want to add more charm or elegance to your room?

A hidden door can enable you to get creative, with this type of door blending seamlessly with the wall. It’s perfect for adding a unique touch to an interior design scheme. 

Hidden doors (also known as flush doors) are also fantastic for spaces with little room or an awkward layout, since they enable you to make better use of the wall space available.

In some cases, they can provide extra privacy and security, especially for somewhere like a home office or safe room, or even a private library. Guests might not notice the door, so it won’t attract any unwanted attention. You might want to use this feature for childproofing purposes. You can make certain parts of your house off-limits, without having to use baby gates or visible barriers. 

How do hidden door installations work?

Designed to eliminate the use of door jambs and architraves, hidden doors give a completely flush, concealed door. This means it can become part of your interior design with the same finish as your wall, a continuation of a pattern or even a contrasting finish.

Since they improve the look of a room, a hidden door installation is ideal for creating a clean, well organised look. Popular spaces that have this feature include home theatres and gaming rooms which people want to be as immersive as possible. 

Professional advice from our team at Rocket Door Frames can help ensure that the installation is done correctly.

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