Enhance A Smaller Room With Double Pocket Doors

Want to improve the flow of movement in your property?

Unlike swinging doors, pocket doors will stay completely out of the way once opened. This makes them excellent for those smaller rooms or corridors. If you’re an architect or interior designer, pocket doors are a fantastic addition to the design of any room. 

The ability to draw back your doors and have them disappear like magic, rather than taking up space, can be deeply satisfying. It also contributes towards the aesthetics of a room, making it look bigger than it actually is. 

Benefit from pocket door kits made using the best technology available. 

Until recently, pocket doors often got a bad reputation for being technically faulty. Fortunately the technology has vastly improved. Choose our pocket door kits and you’ll have those which are easy to install, long-lasting and reliable. 

Double pocket doors are also useful for making a building more accessible. If you have wheelchair users or those who use walkers, it will make life much easier. 

Whether you’re after single or double pocket doors, we supply the finest quality kits and components. Based in Grantham in Lincolnshire, our products are delivered to customers based anywhere in the UK. You can find all the technical information you need on our website but our team is also happy to help. 

Find out more about our double pocket doors or contact our team for more information.