Create A Stylish Room With Secret, Hidden Hinge Doors

There’s never been a more exciting time to be into interior design. There are so many ways to make your space unique and effortlessly stylish. One area you might have overlooked is your doors. 

Getting rid of jambs and architraves can transform a room, making it instantly look more modern and sophisticated. The way to do this is with hinged secret door frames (otherwise known as ‘hidden’ door frames).

Secret hidden door frames are a brilliant way to make your room look smooth, seamless and sophisticated. 

You can make them part of your interior design with the same finish as your wall, or have a continuation of a pattern. Or perhaps you would like a contrasting finish; there are so many ways to use hidden hinge doors. 

On our website, you’ll see an example of a children’s bedroom where the door has a hot air balloon on it, while the wall is blue sky. Thanks to the secret door, the sky seamlessly blends into the door without interruption. 

Another example is of a completely white wall, with only the lines of the door showing. This is a wonderful way to a zen-like room, which is relaxing and has an irresistible contemporary appearance.

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