Considering Introducing Concealed Door Frames To Your Home?

Concealed door frames can offer your property both practical and aesthetic benefits, This has made them increasingly popular with interior designers. 

Providing a seamless, minimalist look to any room, they give it a clean and modern design. Hidden doors can have hidden hinges and other hardware components, which contribute to their sleek and minimalistic appearance. 

Concealed flush doors are also brilliant for maximising the available space in your room. Traditional door frames and casings take up valuable wall space, but concealed frames are recessed into the wall.

Concealed door frames are ideal for blending in with other architectural features. 

This makes them particularly ideal if you want doors to be less conspicuous or to become part of the overall design.

They can also be built into the design of bookshelves, cabinets or wall panels, providing you with concealed storage solutions. Hidden doors are therefore just one way to reduce clutter in your home while keeping your items easy to access. 

Concealed door frames are ideal for a wide range of settings. 

Whether you’re looking to introduce this feature to a residential home or commercial premises, they can be customised to reflect your style and design preferences. You can have them painted, veneered, or finished in various materials to achieve your dream look.

Better yet, they can improve your privacy since they maintain a hidden appearance once closed. 

Rocket Door Frames love helping people introduce hidden, ‘secret’ doors to all kinds of spaces. 

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