Concealed Hinges - Made in Europe

Rocket Flush Hinged Door Frame uses the Invidacta concealed 3 way adjustable FD30 hinges

Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 16.23.53.png
Hinge height120mm
Width shutter side30mm
Width frame side30mm
Depth shutter side30mm
Depth frame side21mm
Door opening angle180°
Side adjustment+1mm
Height adjustment± 2mm
Depth adjustment± 1mm
FIREPROOF Certified30'

*Tested with 90x210cms doors.

Technical Features 

A 21 mm depth slot on the frame side makes it unique and enables its perfect integration in reduced spaces No need to cut the architrave which can be flush mounted.

Material of hinge: Zamak.

The hinge is reversible if mounted in the centre of the door.

Movement on 7 junction fulcrums equipped with bearing in plastic +T with high resistance and long life.

Equipped with 3-way adjustments that can be settled by means of just one 3 mm hex-spanner.  Once installed, the door has natural sinking, Invisacta hinge allows to set the door back to the start position.

The hinge can be fitted with door closing devices. 

Outer casings protect the inner junction fulcrums against rubble coming from door installation works. 

The clamping screws, placed in the outer casings, are not used for hinge adjustment, therefore they remain stable for a long time.

Aluminium caps available to conceal the screws.

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