Competitive Prices On High Quality Secret Door Kits

Want to make the entrance of your room fade into the background? Or, alternatively, do you want to make it a special feature?

Hidden door frames completely dispense with jambs or architraves. They’re therefore brilliant for providing a modern, seamless look. 

Otherwise known as ‘flush doors’ or ‘concealed doors’, these types of doors are completely integrated into the wall. They’re ideal for creating clever, hidden passageways along with complementing exciting interior design schemes. 

In the past, hidden doors were most associated with labyrinthine mansions. Nowadays, however, they’re ideal for a wide range of spaces.

Doors which are discreetly placed are brilliant for reducing noise pollution and maximising the visual impact of your room. It will appear to have less clutter and provide more floor space for you to enjoy. 

Some people like to cover hidden doors with wallpapers, whilst others prefer to make it blend with the wall panelling. Alternatively, you might like to highlight the door with artwork that differentiates from the rest of the room. 

With our concealed door kits, it couldn’t be easier to install this feature in your home or business. 

Rocket Door Frames provide strong, reliable and affordable solutions for competitive prices. 

Our extruded aluminium systems come complete with 3-way adjustable hinges and the latest European magnetic locks. In short, everything but the handles. Order directly from us and you’ll enjoy amazing savings. 

Find out more about our secret door kits or contact us for more information.