Boost Your Interior Design With Secret Hidden Door Frames

Whether you’re decorating a children’s bedroom or want a slick look for your living room, secret doors are a wonderful feature.

Our secret hidden doors benefit from the latest cold rolling techniques and are made using a new range of invisible hinges. That means the door can’t be seen once it’s closed. This is a great way to bring more interest to your interior design

Secret hidden door frames are purely a decorative feature, yet they make a big difference to how your room looks. They’re ideal for people who want to enjoy superior levels of design. Your door will no longer ruin the look of your wall. Instead, it blends seamlessly with the surroundings.

Get creative with the design of your secret door.

You might want the door to be the same colour as the wall, or to make it stand out with unique artwork. In some cases, they’re  great for disguising an entranceway to a room you want to be more discreet and hidden.

Rocket Door Frames provides secret hidden door frames for highly competitive prices.

Based in Grantham, our hidden door frames are sold to customers across the UK. We also regularly provide pocket door kits for competitive prices.

Find out more about our secret hidden door frames or contact our team for more information.