Beautiful Pocket Glass Doors With A Lifetime Warranty

Do you want to bring a stunning design feature to your home?

‘Pocket doors’ disappear into a compartment in the wall, rather like a hand sliding into a pocket. This saves space along with making your room more aesthetically pleasing. Glass pocket doors are especially sleek and stylish, especially compared to a bulkier swinging door.

The process of installing these types of doors is straightforward, providing you use the correct procedure- which our team can always advise on.

Rocket Door Frames has pocket doors in a number of different styles, including glass doors.

Our products include this Glass Pocket Door Kit which comes with everything needed to install these types of doors. The doors come with a UV welded satin glass handle, with a spring door brake to make it easy to open and close. Since it has a satin finish, it’s great for installing in bathrooms.

If installed in a bathroom or en-suite location, the smooth side of the glass should be positioned in the bathroom while the satin side should be outside.

Want to know more? We have plenty of technical information on our pocket doors on our website. Our friendly team is also happy to offer more information on any of our products.

If you’re looking for high quality pocket doors, please explore our latest range today. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.