All The Hardware Needed For Your New Pocket Door

Thanks to advances in manufacturing technology, pocket doors are easier to install than ever before. 

A brilliant space-saver for any home, they not only give you more floor space but can help you keep your space tidier and more well-organised. 

A few decades ago, these types of doors were known to easily develop faults. That’s because they ran along raised tracks which were a tripping hazard, so builders and homeowners generally avoided them. Fortunately, the technology has changed and pocket doors are both convenient and affordable. 

What kind of hardware do I need for a pocket door?

In order to install a pocket door, you need various hardware components, including a kit or frame. You’ll also obviously require the door itself, along with accessories like latch hardware, drywall screws and tape, and framing nails. 

Our friendly team is always happy to talk you through the different components for this type of feature. We also have a wealth of technical information on our website. Although we can’t install pocket doors for you, we can offer all the instructions needed for the process.

Rocket Doors provide all the hardware needed to introduce pocket doors to your property with ease. 

Check out our latest range of pocket door hardware or contact our team for more details.