A Wide Collection Of Pocket Door Accessories

Rocket Door Frames have everything needed to make your pocket door installation go smoothly. You can currently receive a free handle or lock when ordering a frame (simply type 'FREEHANDLE' in the discount box at the checkout. Please note this is for one frame only).

Along with our pocket door kits, you’ll find all kinds of accessories on our website, including:

  • Soft close mechanism for doors between 35 and 45 KG. Compatible with the RDF pocket door kit, it will ensure that your door glides smoothly and silently.
  • Round flush pulls which have a touch of silicon for a stunning finish, with no ugly screw heads visible. Flush pulls are recessed into doors so that they slide past each other without any obstruction.
  • Square bathroom locks which have an internal thumb turn and emergency latch.
  • Timber and glass linings for finished walls. Providing the perfect finishing touch, these linings are designed for use with Rocket Door Frame’s kits. They include this Timber Lining Kit which is made from MDF and is simple and easy to install. 

You can find full installation details on our website but we’re always happy to offer more information on ensuring your project goes seamlessly. We deliver speedy deliveries to customers across the UK.

If you need information on any of our pocket door accessories, simply contact our friendly team today.