A Specialist Manufacturer Of Hidden Hinged Door Systems

Want to wave goodbye to door jambs and architraves in 2022?

Neither of these features tend to contribute to the design value of a room. Instead, they can get in the way of your wall’s overall appearance. Interior designers usually have to work around doors rather than utilise them as part of the room’s design.

Our hidden door frames are wonderful for enhancing the interior design of bedrooms, living rooms and much more. They’re often otherwise known as ‘flush’ or ‘concealed’ doors. Slick, sophisticated and minimalist, hidden door systems can instantly make your space look more contemporary.

Rocket Door Frames has a wealth of information on how hidden doors work and the advantages of choosing this system.

There are many benefits to having this type of door system, but aesthetics is the number one reason.  If you have continuous wall art, a hidden door won’t interrupt it. Alternatively, you can make the door part of the design (for instance, it can have a special decoration on it).

Our products include flushed hinged doors which allow you to have a door flush in the wall without intruding jambs and architraves. Highly affordable, they’re easy to install and maintain.

Specialising in products that are simple and stylish, Rocket Door Frames loves bringing innovative door frames to our valued customers across the UK.

Find out more about our hidden door systems or please contact our friendly team for more information.