Researching Pocket Door Solutions for your DIY Project

So you are a competent DIY’er that recognises the space-saving benefits of pocket doors. You know that a pocket door is top hung and slides away into the wall when opened and the key components required to achieve this are:

  • A track
  • Runners
  • A pocket i.e. horizontals and verticals that form a pocket for the door as this replaces your studwork in the wall.

When you research your pocket door DIY project further, you will see that the key differences between products at the less expensive, budget end of the market, are:

  • the construction of the pocket
  • the extras supplied with the kit

Why is the construction of the pocket door ‘pocket’ so important?

The construction of the pocket door ‘pocket’ is important because it replaces the studwork in your wall so you want it to be robust. You can usually download product drawings or the installation instructions from the manufacturer’s website that will show you how the pocket is constructed.

  • Many pockets are constructed from only two vertical pieces of wood that may or may not be wrapped in metal to reduce the possibility of warping.
  • Others are constructed from horizontals and verticals that are assembled together to create a strong and robust pocket.

Better pocket construction for a pocket door


Check list of things to consider about the pocket door ‘pocket’:

  • What makes up the pocket? What materials are used? Is the pocket constructed from steel horizontals and verticals to form a strong and robust pocket?
  • What quality of materials is used? Are the steel horizontals and verticals galavanised?
  • Any cutting required or pre-cut to size? Are the steel horizontals and verticals pre-cut to size to fit your door? A kit that has pre-cut components to fit your desired standard UK door size will save you time over a kit with components that need to be cut to size.
  • Is alignment of the track and pocket going to be time consuming? Does the track assemble to the pocket therefore avoiding the problem of precisely aligning a separate track and pocket?

 What is and isn’t included in the price?

Different kits will include may or may not include helpful extras in with the price.

  • Does the kit include a door brake? A door brake slows the door down as it is being closed and therefore stops it from clattering against the door post.
  • Does the kit include a door guide? A door guide helps to guide the door into the pocket as it is being opened.
  • Does the kit include an adjustable door stop? A door stop determines how far out of the pocket the door protrudes when open. The type of handle you install will determine how far out of the pocket you wish the door to protrude.
  • Easy release door hangers? If you need to remove the door at a later stage easy release door hangers are helpful.
  • Fixings? Does the kit include all the relevant fixings or are these extra?
  • Door Furniture? Does the kit include free door furniture?

In summary, to source a good DIY pocket door solution…

  • Think strength- you will want whatever you are putting inside your wall to last, to stay aligned and to continue working smoothly.
  • Think costs vs. time- some solutions may be cheaper but will they take you longer to install?
  • Think extras- what extras are included in the price?

Rocket Pocket Door Kit

When you buy a Rocket Pocket Door Kit you get the following included in the price:

  • Pre-cut galvanised steel uprights and horizontals to build the pocket.
  • Exact size track with carbon steel 'sealed for life' bearings that insert easily into the track.
  • Adjustable pocket entrance guide which will enable you to assemble the kit for a 35mm or 44mm door.
  • A door brake.
  • A door stop.
  • Easy release door hangers.
  • Free flush pull or lock.
  • The brackets to fit the frame to the stud work that double as plasterboard positioners and supports
  • All the relevant fixings
  • A 5 year guarantee

Each pocket door kit is designed to fit a specific standard UK door size, with no cutting or trimming of the pocket or track necessary.

As well as a great product for the price what else do you get?

Excellent customer service of course! Our company is very highly rated on Trustpilot for both the quality of our products and our customer service.

"Excellent product. Does exactly what it says on the tube. Followed the instructions to the letter and now have a door that slides elegantly in and out of the new wall. Will definitely use this product again."
"Cleverly designed and thoughtfully explained throughout. The biggest challenge was removing staples from the robust packaging".
"Fantastic company to deal with. Excellent communication throughout.
“Prompt delivery and very helpful and friendly staff”


If you are not familiar with installing pocket doors view our instruction video or download our assembly instructions here. If you have any further queries then contact our helpful customer support team on 03309980617.