Compare Sliding Pocket Door Kits with this Pocket Door Features Guide

19 Aug 2019

This handy guide will help you to compare and contrast features of budget sliding pocket door kits.

Just because you are looking for an affordable solution doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality, strength, ease of construction and a whole host of useful features because you are on a budget. Cheap pocket sliding door solutions may not offer all the features that our competitively priced Rocket Pocket - pocket door kit does.

So when you're comparing Rocket Pocket with similarly priced pocket sliding door options, take a moment to think about what you are getting for your money.

Rocket Pocket
Pre-cut components- no cutting or trimming to size required. Choosing a kit that does not need to be cut to size means that construction will be quicker and easier.    
Strong pocket. Don't forget the pocket will be replacing studwork in your wall so you want it to be rigid and robust.    
Pocket and track assembles together to ensure door will run true and in line. If the pocket and track is assembled together as one integrated unit then alignment of the track and pocket is ensured.    
Metal components rather than wood. There is no risk of warping with metal.    
Mechanism to slow the door down included in price. This is useful to avoid the door slamming against the door post, in normal use.    
All the relevant fixings to construct and complete the installation of the pocket door included in the price. The Rocket Pocket kit includes the door brackets for the top of the door, brackets to fit the frame to the stud work, rear door stop, door brake, and fixings. The kit also includes adjustable bolt and nuts for runners plus a spanner and screws to assemble frame and to attach plasterboard to pocket. The only items not included are the door, plasterboard, jambs and architrave.    
An good guarantee-The Rocket Pocket kit comes with a 5 year guarantee.    


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