Rocket Flush Hinged Door Frames

The understated beauty of frameless doors

Rocket Flush Hinged Steel Door frames- an affordable concealed door frame perfect for contemporary, minimalist interiors, the steel door frame allows you to have a door that is flush with the wall. The fully concealed door frame allows you to plaster right up to the edge creating clean lines with no need for architrave. The invisible hinges allow for 3 way adjustment to create a fully flush finish.

For an inexpensive concealed door frame     

Whether you are looking to create a minimalist interior or want a blank canvas to let your imagination run wild without the interruption of architraves the Rocket Flush Hinged Door Frame is an affordable frameless door solution.

A seamless continuity of wall and door is achieved easily with the invisible door frame. The frameless hinged door frame is designed to be simple and easy to install. Manufactured from cold rolled steel, its durability and strength are guaranteed and combined with it's fully adjustable jamb accommodating various wall thicknesses, the invisible door frame is a winning answer to the contemporary flush door trend.

Rocket Door Frames do not supply the doors, we supply the frames for 6 standard size door panels ranging from 686x1981 to 926x2040 you have the freedom to choose your own style of door, the colour and design that you want, it just fits into one of our concealed door frames, as easy as that!

The concealed door frame simply screws into the finished wall, once in place the frames perforated beaded edges mean great plaster adhesion and a continuous smooth, professional flush finish right up to the edge of the door.  After the return metal jamb has been primed it can then be finished to match your door or walls creating the perfect invisible door.

The quality invisible hinges are manufactured in Europe with full 3 way adjustment possible for the perfect alignment of your door.

The standard kit can accommodate the following by using the strike plate adaptors supplied

  • Roller Bolt
  • Tubular Latch
  • Euro Profile Sashlock
  • Din Sashlock

Convert the standard frame to a 30 min Fire approved system simply and easily with the addition of the intumescent strip kit, no need to route out your door just add the intumescents and paint over.

Rocket door frames -  a perfect solution for your invisible door.